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Treatment Options

• Individual Therapy
• Couples Therapy
• Family Therapy
• Video/Skype Therapy (for the handicapped)
• Group Therapy - Co-ed
---a) Codependency Group
---b) Parenting Skills Workshop
---c) Trauma Group



  • Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Older Adults


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Psychological Issues

• Grief, Loss & Bereavement
• Mood Disorders
• Anxiety Disorders
• Divorce
• Stress Management
• Parenting Skills
• Women’s Concerns and Work
• Career Problems


  • PTSD
    (childhood abuses, combat, rape, etc.)
  • Various Addictions
    (drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.)
  • Anger Management
  • Conflict in Relationships
  • Groups



Are you looking for therapy that is affordable and effective? Groups can be an economical way to participate in counseling and to give you the gift of a safe and supportive place to heal.


Codependency Group
(Drop In)

Do you struggle with developing and maintaining healthy relationships? Have you noticed particular relational patterns that don't seem to be working for you? If so, this is the group for you! I invite you to join in this insightful, empowering, and confidential group dialogues regarding relationships. Learn how to create and sustain healthy relationships with self and others through examining your relational beliefs and values.



Growth in Parenting Workshops

This workshop is for parents of children ages 2-18, to increase effective parenting skills addressing academic, discipline, health, and social concerns which encourages parental involvement in the education of their children. Parents learn to work with their children by learning what is expected of their children at various stages in their lives.



(4 Week Sessions)

What is a traumatic event to one person, may not be to another. There is a misconception what categorizes ‘trauma’. Survivors of traumatic circumstances face a number of struggles to adjust and cope with daily life. Participants in this group share their experiences, gaining mutual support and validation from others. Participants are able to finally release their secrecy and/or shame in a safe and confidential environment. Self-soothing techniques are presented.



State-Qualified Clinical Supervision
(individual and/or group)
  • Mental Health Counselor Interns
  • Candidates for any addiction certifications

All interns receive 1 hour of individual and/or group clinical supervision on a weekly basis.

Supervision areas may include:
----- • Clinical evaluation and treatment planning
----- • Diagnosis & psychopathology
----- • Counseling techniques and interventions
----- • Clinical documentation and charting
----- • Ethics and professional responsibilities
----- • Professional values
----- • Clinician safety & self-care
----- • Cultural competency

For more information, call (954) 347-0651